EFL Is Assisted By Sponsoring Casino Industry

The English Football League (EFL) in the context of government criticism has defended its approach to betting คา สิ โน ใน ไทย and the association with the UK gaming industry. After the Sunday Times storey, the EFL released its comment, which said that sponsorship of the league was barred. The EFL emphasised its responsibility to ensure that promotional betting and sponsorships are carried out responsibly through its ligaments and tournaments. The League also said the relationship between football and the gambling industry has been an established one for years, and that both industries have adopted a substantially more effective approach to avoid Gambling damage compared with other sort of moratorium.

The EFL, through its widely recognisable visibility and educational initiative in collaboration with one of its sponsors, Sky Bet, pointed to its efforts to promote healthy gaming. The League said it and Sky Bet work together to encourage responsible playing. He also pointed out the use of sleeve badges to allow soccer supporters to practise safer play from all three divisions. The league has stated that 70% of the matchday inventory of the sponsor is for safer gambling messages.

EFL defends gambling sponsorships in football | Focus Gaming News

Financial importance 

The EFL also underlined the gaming sector’s financial relevance. It clarified that the gaming industry pays the league and its clubs £40 million a season and that this continuous investment is crucial for professional football’s continuing financial survival online casino thailand. It clarified further that because of the current situation of Covid-19, the contribution of the gambling industry is as critical as ever because many of its participants live at the front of a financial knife.

The EFL was also disappointed with the policies of the administration. It clarified that its members had their key source of revenue, ticket sales, cut off indeterminately, without a certain reopening date, while they contribute almost GBP 500 million in their taxes annually. Furthermore, the EFL emphasised the contradictions between the government and highlighted the fact that supporters may not have a definitive path to return to their stadium, while other firms will open up their market to their clients. Furthermore, the EFL and its affiliates continue to fulfil their financial commitments towards its partners in the absence of government funding.

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The final expression 

The League finally expressed its place. It showed that its aim was to shield its members’ significant and critical income stream at a period of financial turmoil and to stand by the gambling industry. In this respect, the League has also stressed that it is continuously reviewing its approach to gambling funding and that the League will contribute to any information requested by the Government. 

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EFL Is Assisted By Sponsoring Casino Industry

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